The first Communication of Mount Hollis Lodge was held March 6, 1865. This was the second day following Lincoln’s second inaugural and the weeks that followed were of great historical significance, yet in the records of the Lodge, no mention is made of outside affairs. The Lodge applied itself to the making of Masons, meetings were held almost weekly, and during the first three years over fifty men were raised to the Sublime degree. It might interest you to know that in the record of members, the earliest date of birth is that of one Jeremiah Daniels Richardson, who affiliated with this Lodge May 6, 1867; he having been born at East Medway, April 13, 1796, and made a Mason in 1818. Read more history of the Lodge here.

Fast-forward to today, Mount Hollis Lodge has a diverse and vibrant Brotherhood. Brethren of all adult ages all walks of life, are active within the Lodge, active within the community, and active with each other socially. We emulate the strong history and culture of our Past Masters, while embracing the new ideas of incoming Brethren. Mount Hollis Lodge has become known for its warm welcomes and happy activity.